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Steph Reid

NYC based. Creative with
a unique set of skills.

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Coming Up

Info about Steph's upcoming events in Brooklyn, NY.


Yoga for Skaters

Homage Skateboard Academy

Practice yoga & skating at the indoor skatepark in downtown Brooklyn on Thursdays from 7-9pm & Saturdays from 2-4pm.



Baby Cobra

Steph teaches yoga classes & workshops at this donation based studio in Brooklyn. Check their schedule to see when her next class is!


Steph sees the world through 3 distinct lenses: yoga, design & skating.
She has developed a unique approach to each passion by allowing them all to inform each other. 3 is also her favorite number, which is why it can be found repeating throughout the design of her logo. Each unique triangle represents a different l
ens, but with obvious similarities to highlight their symmetry. 

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