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Yoga for Skaters @ Alo Yoga

I collaborated with Alo Yoga to host a signature flow class targeting skateboarders in the community. As a skater and a yogi, myself, I have been blown away by how well these two practices balance each other- both require an immense amount of body awareness, balance, and mental toughness.

How does yoga help with skating?

Skating requires a lot of muscle contraction that yoga counterbalances through stretching. It also teaches you to quiet the mind- a tool that is incredibly useful to skaters. We are often attempting dangerous tricks that provoke unwelcome thoughts that can prevent progress.

About Alo:

Alo's mission is to spread mindful movement to the world. They were excited to reach out to a new demographic of already active individuals in the skate community.

About the Class:

  • Targets the legs, hips & core- everywhere skaters need some love

  • Breaks down the basics- open to all skill levels (props included)

  • Increases proprioception- body awareness that can be taken onto your board

  • Learn to quiet the mind- a helpful skill for anyone

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