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Wounded Walking

I recently underwent a slap tear repair surgery on my right shoulder and will be out for 8-10 weeks. Being injured is difficult, but in the skate scene you're rarely the only one recovering.

Recovery Mode Doesn't Equal Hibernation

Support One Another:

Briana King was hosting one of her iconic girls skate seshes in Brooklyn and I didn't want to miss it! Even though I was in a sling, I still wanted to go to the skatepark to be with friends and show support. I wasn't the only injured one to show up either. In skating, injuries come with the territory. It sucks to be sidelined, but it's helpful to be around friends who understand what you're going through.

About my Injury:

This summer, I started doing a lot more Ashtanga yoga, which is a very shoulder intensive class. I started to feel pain in my right shoulder and took some time to rest, but after a few weeks, it only intensified. So, I went to the doctor (after my roommate pretty much forced me). My MRI revealed that I had a bone spur that's been digging into my tendon my entire life. My doctor compared it to a rock rubbing against a rubber band- eventually it's going to snap. Luckily we caught it early enough, so the tendon hadn't torn completely. But my doctor was concerned that my shoulder "looked like a 40-year olds" and recommended surgery. Now I'm on the road to recovery!

Moral of the Story: if you feel pain, err on the side of caution & get it checked out.

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