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SPRING 2018 

Location: Tucson, AZ

Goal: Design the logo & packaging for Wildcat Local Roast coffee

I had the opportunity to design the University of Arizona's first licensed food product- a locally roasted coffee manufactured by Shamrock food distributors, called Wildcat Local Roast. The coffee is currently being sold on campus and at local grocery stores such as Safeway and Fry's. The Daily Wildcat did a feature story about the release of this new product catered to the U of A community.

I approached this project with a wealth of knowledge about the U of A brand, having worked on the Marketing & Brand Management team for two years. Therefore, I wanted to create something that fit our identity, but felt fresh. For the logo, I utilized Arizona's iconic wildcat as coffee art within a mug resting on a plate. For the packaging, I drew inspiration from the Arizona state flag and highlighted the Tucson's iconic sunset and mountainous skyline. The design uses classic stripes in a modern way that creates a sense of place and dimensionality.