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Location: New York, NY

Goal: Create conceptual cover artwork for a sports podcast

I designed the cover art for a sports podcast called "Juicing the Numbers." The hosts break down statistics across multiple games. The name of their show was inspired by the term "juicing" which is often used in sports when referring to steroid usage. They were looking for a design that showcased their concept in a minimalistic style.

I was inspired to use the iconic orange pill bottle as a reference to medication. However, rather than having pills pouring out of it, I drew numbers instead. I hand lettered the type for "juicing" to look swollen- almost as if the word itself had taken steroids. I used pops of turquoise to contrast the orange in a complimentary way.

My clients were thrilled with the end result. They loved how clearly their concept shown through and were excited by its polished aesthetic. Listen to their podcast on Spotify.