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SPRING 2018 

Location: Tucson, AZ

Goal: Create a literary magazine &
website sharing the stories of Tucson refugees

I produced a literary magazine & website for a few professors working with a grant from the Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry to interview, photograph, and share the stories of Tucson refugees. It was our goal to dismantle the fear surrounding immigrants in today’s current socio-political climate. We met people from all over the world who came to the U.S. through the International Rescue Committee (IRC). Most of them spent years in refugee camps, living under harsh conditions that they were fortunate to escape. Tucson is their new home now and they are grateful to be in a country with so many opportunities. We wanted to share their stories and highlight the ways in which they preserve their culture – cooking, gardening, crafting, etc.

In designing the covers, I focused on the concept of fear. Most fear stems from the unknown. It arises when there is an absence and/or misinterpretation of information. The cover of this publication is a compilation of all the lines from the map illustrations inside. By overlaying select information without any context, an unsettling image forms. However, when one looks inside the magazine and sees each individual component for what it is, understanding replaces fear.

All works © Stephanie Reid 2019. Please do not reproduce without the expressed written consent of Steph Reid.

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